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WEVO Modular PSJ


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WEVO Modular PSJ


WEVO Modular PSJ


The modular PSJ is a product intended for those custom installations where a universal joint might be required in the middle of a shift linkage. 

The Modular PSJ is manufactured to accept the Porsche standard attachment feature - M8 conical set screw into a 15.0mm shaft. This allows either end of the modular PSJ to be attached to a 901, 915 or 930 transmission. 

WEVO manufacture weldments in various designs to fabricate into the ends of thin wall steel tubes. These weldments also replicate the Porsche attachment, allowing simplicity in tools, installation and removal of the Modular PSJ.

The modular style of this design allows use of WEVO PSJ derivatives at any angular junction of the shift linkage. The Modular PSJ is a logical choice for the center joint of the shift linkage required for the WEVO 915 SideShift. 

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