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One day, back in 1971, three friends were sitting around talking  about road racing - Riverside Raceway, Willow Springs, Mulholland Drive - and modifying our cars.  We came up with a plan on selling parts and accessories (at first, just so we could get the discount for ourselves) and Toad Racing Enterprises was born. David's first performance car was a '67 Cooper S and, which he used to compete in slaloms in Southern California for a number of years.

In 1974, Toad Racing Enterprises, or TRE as it came to be known, was reduced to one owner, Dave Bouzaglou. With his love for cars, Dave obtained a '70 Porsche 911E Targa chassis and was on his way to building his first special project car. The years have passed well as Dave has built quite a number of cars for clients and himself.

Not surprisingly, TRE took to the track early on with the Porsche Owners Club. Besides POC, where he was voted Member of the Year twice, Dave has also competed in SCCA, PCA, Vintage Racing, VARA, HSR, NASA, and TRE's own CAS Baja Border Race Series. Again, mostly in Porsches, TRE has the valuable knowledge of what works and what doesn't in the world of high performance parts and accessories.

As a race producer and promoter, Dave was the originator of the POC's very popular Tribute to Le Mans endurance race as well as their Cup Race series. He also brought exotic sports cars to the streets of Los Angeles in The PRO Racing Series and south of the border with the Border Racing Series for road racing. He currently promotes several "Fun Run" Rallys throughout California and Northern Baja annually as well as racing his Porsches with various clubs on the west coast.

As a sponsor, TRE Motorsports, Inc has been involved with Jack Olsen and his annual entry in The Open Track Challenge , Casey Holzman with his 911 entry in the Targa Newfoundland, and David Goodman's Turbo in Car and Driver's One Lap. In addition, TRE's own Jeremy Cottrell has won a number of SCCA and PCA events in his ivory "915" car. 

Today, TRE Motorsports, Inc puts our 30+ years of racing experience at your service. We choose and offer what works, at the best value. Our 914-6, 993 GT2 styled road racer, and 73 RSR still keeps the juices flowing and keeps us in the loop. When you see that TRE Motorsports sticker on a car at the track, you'll know that it is equipped with the very best.

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