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One Of A Kind Custom Seats, Shift Knobs, and More.

917 Style Shift Knob

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917 Style Shift Knob

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These custom made units replicate the look and feel of the original balsa wood knobs found on the mighty Porsche 917 racers of the 70's. 

Cool to the touch in summer, warm in winter. This unique accessory recalls a gone by era. Available in oil rubbed finish, polyurethane finishes.  With either silver or black anodized collars. Application:  OEM shifter shaft for 901, 915, or 930. Will also fit Wevo CLASSIC line.

For Wevo BILLET shifters, choose the appropriate Wevo option.

Each unit is laminated from lightweight woods so it feels cool to the touch on a warm day. The inventory diameters range slightly due to the hand manufacturing process. These are now available in the stock 48 mm diameter. 

NEW ! We have machined bushings in all our knobs now. A small allen key wrench is supplied with your order, so you can tighten the incorporated set screws to the shift shaft. The bushing extends approximately 1/8" from the bottom of the knob.

Also available in poly urethane coated finish. This imparts a durable semi gloss look to the knob.

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