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TRE Backdate '65-73 Hood


TRE Backdate '65-73 Hood

from 789.00

How do you convert your 74-94 model's front end to the early hood? One method is to cut the chassis and weld in the earlier components. Though this can be considered the "right way", it is also expensive and time consuming.

 We propose another "right way" with our back date hood offering. With the under structure of the later model 74-94 mated to the outer skin of a early long hood, you can easily backdate your car without any cutting or welding. The hood utilizes your original latches and hood seal.

Our high quality molding has the original mounting points for the hinges and front latch. Our most popular one is constructed using foam core techniques. This version maintains stability, lightweight, and strength.

The balsa version features translucent inner frame and balsa wood strips to emulate the factory racers in period. Note that this is actually heavier than the foam core unit, but the general look is "period correct" .

1//19 We are close to completing a production version of our back date hood in true carbon fiber construction. NOT wet layup. Expected weight will be 8 lbs (or less!) and so far our prototypes have fit very well with excellent shape. Stay Tuned !

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