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'74-'89 TRE 911 front bumper


'74-'89 TRE 911 front bumper

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We took a European racing design and refined it further. By slightly extending it forward we made room for installing a larger oil cooler in the center. We reshaped the upper part to lend more downforce. The center opening is enlarged upwards as well for better cooler placement. Constructed of hand laid fiberglass, this unit fits very well as delivered.

You can use our bumper to seal kit for the fender corners, or a 964 front bumper seal that goes all the way around the inner perimeter. This will provide for a nice installation as seen on Phil's car pictured here. An added benefit is less air intrusion into the trunk and less rock impact on the leading edge of the front hood.

Mounting brackets for 74-89 models included. This model is for 74-89 standard width 911 models only. There is no turbo version.

This is a large item. Please contact our staff to get an estimate on total shipping cost. The cost can vary greatly depending on the size of the order and destination . After placing your order, we will contact you with estimated shipping costs.

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