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Everything from Fog Lights, R-Lights, to Complete RSR Conversion Kits.

TRE 911RS Conversion Kit for 1974-1989 Porsche 911


TRE 911RS Conversion Kit for 1974-1989 Porsche 911

from 6,650.00

Our comprehensive RS conversion kit includes everything needed in order to turn your 1974-1989 Porsche 911 into an RS-look. The kit is offered in two versions- one with the steel long-nose hood that will require modification of the latch section of the front trunk (all pieces included), and one with a backdate hood which will allow you to have the long-nose look without modifying the chassis.

NOTE: all parts are reproduction aftermarket suppliers unless otherwise noted

Steel front deck lid
Steel early version trunk panel
Steel early version corner pieces for trunk panel
Steel front fenders
Fiberglass RS front bumper
Front bumper to body seal
Front hood seal
Front early latch kit
Front turn signal assemblies with lenses, horn grills, seals
Fiberglass rear one piece RS bumper
Fiberglass duck tail 
Rear euro lenses
Stripe kit- choose your color
Driver side new 73 mirror 
Reproduction orange bar hood crest

This is a large item. Please contact our staff to get an estimate on total shipping cost. The cost can vary greatly depending on the size of the order and destination . After placing your order, we will contact you with estimated shipping costs.

Hood Version:
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This is a general outline on backdating the short hood 74-89 model chassis to the 73 Carrera RS look.

We can supply you with all the parts listed below. This kit is comprised of exterior and interior modifications for your car. Please understand that we are selling this for "Off road purposes only" as you will be changing and or removing the impact systems that your later chassis was delivered with.

Some fabrication will have to be undertaken to mount the RS style bumpers to your chassis. This is best accomplished with some aluminum or steel brackets that are easily fabricated for a match between the bumpers and the car. We are currently (as of 11/06) in process of evaluating several brackets so we can offer them in the near future to people backdating their cars.

Front: You will have to remove the original fenders, hood, and bumper/valence assembly. You will also need to remove the horns, oil cooler, windshield reservoir, and fuel evaporative tank temporarily. They can be remounted after the fenders are fitted.

Rear:  After removing the rear bumper assembly the RS rear bumper with associated seals is installed. You can use the original small diameter support tubes on each side to support the underside of the back bumper. On 74-89 cars, the center rear support for the reflector must be removed. This will require cutting the thin metal and separating the support from the underlying crossmember. Some small amount of filler will be needed in each corner to cover this modification.

Our fiberglass components are made from the highest quality hand laid cloth using very rigid molds. The parts are close to "perfect fit" right out of the box, and require a minimum of fitting.

 Note: We do not recommend carbon fiber look parts. Unless you are leaving the bare carbon parts unpainted, there are only disadvantages to using carbon based parts. Why? With the exception of the full race only 996 GT3RS kits, there are no properly made race carbon parts for early cars. The ones currently available for early cars are for "cosmetic purposes" only. "But carbon fiber is so much tougher than other materials" you say? Yes they are BUT when they are bound together with regular resin, the strength is incrementally increased over regular fiberglass. SO: No weight savings, higher cost of repairs, higher shrinkage rates than normal, combined with the print through effect on the paint all point to the superiority of the fiberglass cloth based pieces at this level.

We recommend using a body repair shop that is experienced in fiberglass work and Porsches be employed in doing this type of work.

Note: Items with asterisk (*) are the minimum required to backdate your 74-89.  

Front Fenders

With the difficulty of finding good condition original steel front fenders (current pricing $1400 each and up!), you have the choice of fiberglass or aftermarket steel. 

Some people like the more secure mounting that the steel headlamp bucket option provides. Cost is $200 a pair. 

New steel 73 front fenders are $3300 a pair.

Some owners have converted their fuel system to under-hood or center-fill style. We can supply you fenders with no gas door opening if specified at time of order.

Front Hood

Used OEM steel 1965-73 can be found for about $350-450 depending on condition. Using an OEM steel hood will require metal work on the front tub to accommodate the early latch and cable assembly if you want to keep an original underhood look.

(*) BUT we have a terrific alternative: Specially made Fiberglass long hood with short hood frame (our "bolt on" exclusive - allows use of original latch / seal from your 74-89 car without modifying your chassis). 

Front RS Bumper

(*) This high quality part is fully finished with removable (center opening) box, just like the original. 

Rear RS Bumper

(*) One piece unit with incorporated "bumper guards" molded from fiberglass. Utilizes the three OEM early bumper seals for proper fit and installation. 


(*) Our high quality version fits well with a minimum of adjustments and bodywork. Accepts original spring plunger for latching.

Front Turn Signal Assemblies/ Horn Grilles

We have new reproduction 69-73 turn signal housings with wiring pigtails and new OEM rubber seals. Cost is $165 each. These fit and look fantastic.

Front lenses (reproduction- very good quality) with your choice of USA or European styles.

(*) Horn grilles are $50 a pair (black trim plastic as original).


  • RS hood crest decal (just like all the Porsche race cars use) - $15.

  • Clock block off – replaces clock with repro RS plate - $45.

  • 73 RS or RS America door panel kits – your choice - $279 a pair.

  • RS lightweight carpet set - domestic Grey or Black Perlon - $259 or German style Perlon - $279.

  • Front stainless oil cooler grill - $150.

  • (*) Front bumper to body seal - $65.

  • Front fender to cowl seals $10 pair

  • (*) Rear bumper to body seals - $46 set of 3.

  • Rear OEM 1973 reflector assemblies - $90 a pair.
  • Center rear bumper to body seal - $15.

  • Reproduction 73 stainless driver mirror - $80.

Front Panel Conversion Option

The 1973 and older cars have a different front latch panel. This is needed if you elect to weld in the earlier panel and install the corresponding parts (cable, upper and lower latches, hood seal). Otherwise you will be depending on the front rubber tie downs to do the job if using a steel front hood (Our special fiberglass "long" hood has the correct frame that utilizes your existing bolt on 74 up hardware and latch system). $750 for the weld-in early front panel option.


Our roll bars are made to replicate the factory units that were used in the 911ST race/ rally and RSR models. Most are legal for Driver Education events (also known as time trials or lapping) where indicated, and in some cases, racing. Check with your local sanctioning club for eligibility.

Constructed of cromoly tube hoops with DOM tube legs. All require the welding of base plates on the strongest part of the chassis; the inner rocker panel above the torsion tube area (like the original RSR). The rear legs bolt to the rear seat hinge pin bosses: The second strongest part of the chassis (again like the factory did). Bars come with weld in base plates and plated hardware for installation.

Unless otherwise noted, bars come powder-painted semi-gloss black.

R-ST Style: Simple hoop design. Works with OEM seat belts and retractors. Replicates the sports roll bars that the factory installed in the 911R and 911ST. Fits non-sunroof equipped cars. No Diagonal bracing. $585.

ST-FIA Style: Same as the  R-ST style with FIA positioned diagonal bar from right upper to driver side rear leg. Fits non-sunroof equipped cars and comes partially powder-painted. $650.

R-ST- Club Race Style: Same as ST-FIA style but with additional horizontal bracing. Horizontal brace is used for mounting shoulder harnesses. Legal for club Drivers Ed and some racing venues. Fits non-sunroof equipped cars. $725.

IROC Style: Same as ST-FIA but with additional shoulder harness brace and aluminum clips, just like the famous IROC RSRs of 1974. Fits non-sunroof equipped cars and comes partially powder-painted. $785.

TRE ClubSport 2: For all cars with a sunroof. Comes with diagonal on main hoop with shoulder harness cross bar and belt loops. Set back for tall drivers and sunroof clearance. Also available are weld on brackets for additional stiffening of the chassis. Inquire for moreinfo. $685.

Oil Cooler System

The RS and RS lightweight only had a center cooler as an option. The center block off remained in place till the cooler was installed. You need to decide if this installation is best for you. Putting a cooler in the front is the most efficient but also the most fragile. Some clients like to put two coolers in series to take care of high output or large displacement engines.

When installing a front center mounted cooler for track or high temperature climates, we recommend the install of our RSR replica oil cooler duct pan. There is not enough room behind the 73 RS bumper for an adequate cooler. This steel pan gets welded in place on the front part of the trunk. With the installation of the cooler at an angle (as the factory race department did) you obtain much needed space for air flow as well as increased impact resistance. This pan is for 74-89 chassis only, it will not fit prior years. Contact us for details on pre-73 oil cooler panel modification.

The cooler kits we offer work with existing systems in your car. If you are using a non-factory set up, please contact us so we can construct our kit to work.  If your car has no existing system, we offer the parts to enable a complete installation. Contact us for more info.

Our cooler kits include new Setrab cooler, 2 aircraft connector hoses, support brackets for cooler, clamps, adaptor fittings to connect to your existing fender cooler, and our RSR style weld in cooler duct pan.

50 row cooler kit for use with original fender mount cooler (series installation) - $955.

72 row cooler kit for turbo, 3.6 or extreme use applications (series installation) - $1095.


TRE's own RS/RSR seat line. Replicas of the original Recaro based RS and RSR seats in a variety of models. Uses Recaro seat adjuster/mounting brackets and your early headrests (available separately) Costs start at $700 per seat. Superlative quality and finish.Contact us to discuss models and total costs.


TRE Motorsports, Inc. can supply you with most of your Porsche performance needs. Feel free to contact us and we will do our best to supply you with the necessary parts and advice to make your car special and perform the way it should.


Thank you,

Dave Bouzaglou