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RSR- Style Front Strut Tower Brace (Weld-In)


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RSR- Style Front Strut Tower Brace (Weld-In)


RSR- Style Front Strut Tower Brace (Weld-In)


This replica of the RSR front stabilizer strut brace for 911 RSR, 912 and 930 models (1965-1989) is made out of high quality materials for individuals seeking better responsiveness and improved chassis rigidity. Included are two weld-on strut tower brackets, cross tube, two bushings, and the necessary fasteners. 

NOTE: The cross bar must be measured and holes must be drilled by the individual upon the products arrival. We cannot assume that all chassis will have the same measurement. It is highly suggested to have this installed by a professional. 

For off-road use only. You will need to meet the terms and conditions outlined during the checkout process for this item. 

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